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Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Tips

What is the price?

One can keep his or her garage door in the proper order by following several useful recommendations. Firstly its worth checking garage doors each year so that you could prevent upcoming problems that may be disturbing in future. Actually, even a person without any technical background can handle it, although we suggest hiring a professional. He will be more accurate in finding possible soft spots. Moreover, an immediate repair could be needed and here you will hardly succeed without an experienced specialist who has proper skills and knowledge. The main thing here is to find a credible repair company which does not take too much money for the operations that actually cost cheaper.

Basic Garage Door Maintenance

OK, let's not turn to the maintenance tips. We recommend you doing them annually by yourself or with a hired specialist. Such a regular inspection will help you avoid unpleasant "surprises" and maybe even repair costs.

  • Check the tracks for any visible damage (deformation, dents etc.). Small blemishes should be easily unbent with a rubber hummer. However, if the damage appears to be serious you will have to replace both tracks.
  • Make sure the tracks are properly leveled and aligned. Loosen the mountain brackets if needed and tap both tracks. They should plumb and slightly slant to the back of the garage.
  • Don't forget to wipe the tracks. Thoroughly clean all debris and dirt from them with - you may use a large paintbrush for that.
  • Lubricate the pulleys, tracks and rollers. Please use special lubricant sprays for garage doors. Powdered graphite will be also fine for pulleys and tracks, while the rollers can be processed with household lubricant oil.
  • Check all fasteners, bolts and nuts. Find all loose nuts and fasteners and feel free to tighten them well.
  • Professional Repair Services for your Garage Door

    The tips we have enlisted above are quite easy to follow, but you are better not to overestimate your skills - there are some situations where a professional help is needed. Don't hesitate and call a good repairman immediately if there are troubles with the automatic opener (basically they occur to the reversal features).

    Wasting time in such a case can lead to quite sad consequences - from damage to your car to a serious injury. Another important thing is constant observation of the large central spring condition, if you have it, or course. Please do not remove it yourself - such springs have really high tension and their removal should be carried out by a specialist. Some people think that it is enough to simply keep their garage door in their original condition and prevent all possible problems. Well, that's definitely not the worst solution, but at the same time it's not the best one. Security systems are being improved every year and burglars have to evolve as well. That is why even if your garage door looks perfect and works smoothly it does not mean that you can feel totally safe, unfortunately. It often happens that outdated garage doors are forced open. This problem is mostly typical to the automatic door systems with fixed and common transmission signals.

    Generally speaking about average costs for maintenance, replacement or repair of garage doors we should admit frankly that it is a real happenstance. The prices for those services are too different depending on the company, country and any other factors. They may range from $50 to $1000, although according to our calculations more or less average and reasonable price should be approximately $250. As for the price for garage door opener mounting it is usually about $350, however in this particular case the complexity, model and type of the opening system may play a critical part and seriously influence the total sum. The average cost for garage door replacement is about $1 100 including everything. Please remember, that the most important thing is to perform maintenance of your garage doors regularly. It is the only way to prevent high costs of repair and replacement. Sooner or later you will anyway need to replace or to repair a garage door and it is a normal thing. Please then contact a skilled and experienced specialist or company with good reputation.