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Garage Door Problems


Garage Door Repair

Look at the statistics - a large number of home robberies start from a broken garage door. That is a great reason to have a modern, reliable and accurately functioning garage door. Below you will find the list of the most typical issues that a garage owner may face as well as repair solutions:

  • Problem: Problems with opening/closing of the garage door.

    Solution: If you have an electric opener the issue is rather connected to it. And don't worry, maybe there will be no need to replace it. Just check it the opener works via your keypad - if it does, then it just should be reprogrammed.

  • Problem: Opening/closing with sticking.

    Solution: In this case probably you need to properly lubricate hinges and metal rollers. Check the tracks as well - they may have got misaligned or just covered with dust or dirt.

  • Problem: Released door falls down.

    Solution: If a door is in good condition it will not fall down after being release. However, if it does it means that the extension springs are frayed. Replace them and the door will be functioning well again.

  • Problem: The garage door opens by itself.

    Solution: It's not a paranormal phenomenon but simply the result of the extension springs being too strong. Dismount them and install lighter springs.